Welcome to Patriot Staffing!

Patriot Staffing was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina based on the need for a true on-call service committed to staffing employees twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Company's mission: to establish a standard of excellence in the staffing industry by providing the very best service for both our customers and employees at all times.

Patriot Staffing employees work hard, focus on team and individual accomplishments, and are encouraged to celebrate their successes. Employees contribute long hours of work and value their employment opportunities. To encourage high morale and loyalty, the Company sponsors a variety of employee and Community related functions throughout the year. We are extremely grateful for the benefits we derive from servicing the companies and employees of the Triad community.

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Our Services

Temporary - Seeking a more efficient way to staff without compromising quality? Patriot Staffing provides well-qualified, pre-screened and tested staff for your temporary staffing needs. Our rates are competitive, and we offer a performance guarantee.

Temp to Hire - You will find our personalized services to be exceptional in providing personnel on a temp-to-hire basis. Such an arrangement allows a relaxed client/employee relationship to develop at a non-stressful pace. The client is able to preview a prospective fulltime employee and the employee is in a position to experience a particular workplace environment. By taking advantage of this amenity, our client is able to reduce turnover and costly repetitive training. The client can also avoid unemployment and worker's compensation claims.

Subsidized Staffing - Patriot Staffing will employ workers selected by our clients to work at their locations. While on our payroll, these employees will receive the same benefits as regular Patriot employees, including worker's compensation insurance coverage. Patriot Staffing will pay all applicable federal and state taxes associated with the cost of paying these employees, and will accept responsibility for required criminal background checks and drug testing.

Skill Identification - For long term temporary assignments, Patriot Staffing offers skill identification. Patriot Staffing will research and compile a group of employees with similar skills and talents required by our client. The client is at liberty to utilize this pool according to business and financial need. Skill Identification gives you, as a client, more control of your staffing budget. By using Patriot Staffing, our clients have the ability to react quickly to changing conditions.

About Employment Opportunities

Heavy Industrial - We have work available today. You may work one day or every day and we will pay you at the end of each day. We provide safety equipment as well as transportation to and from the job. All you need is a State issued ID (drivers license or ID card) and a Social Security card to complete our application. Then, you will meet briefly with our Branch Manager who will discuss your application, skills and readiness for a job.

Light Industrial - We have light industrial employment opportunities which pay on a weekly basis. If you are experienced in Warehouse, Assembly, Textiles, Picking and Packing, Delivery or have any other light industrial skills, please contact our company for further details on specific job opportunities.

Clerical - Our clerical opportunities pay on a weekly basis and include everything from Data Entry to Customer Service Representatives. Please contact our company for further details on specific job opportunities.